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Why outdoor protection

Outdoor protection serves as an early warning system for the armed response company when protecting families and their lives. If the system is correctly installed, the outdoor protection can easily be controlled from inside the premises without any movement limitations or inconvenience.

Controlling your outdoor protection – the sensors can be connected to a second partition. The second partition functions as a separate alarm which can be controlled from a keypad and/or the remote control. Indication lights can be installed outside and inside the premises. These indication lights will show the alarm status of the outdoor protection and allow the user to arm and disarm the system from various points inside and outside the house with the remote control.

The TAKEX 90° and 180° pet friendly outdoor Passive Infra- Red

The TAKEX 90° and 180° pet friendly outdoor Passive Infra- Red (PIR) with its dual zone detection will only activate if both the zones is violated. This ensures that small animals will not cause false alarm activations. To eliminate false alarms the sensor comes standard with an adjustable pulse count & sensitivity adjustment and day/night setting (10 lux night switching). The detection range is also adjustable from 3 -12 meters. Mounting Height 0.8m to 1.2m

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