Fidelity ADT Security South Africa

SA's leading armed response company

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Why Choose Fidelity ADT Security

Local Knowledge

Not only is Fidelity ADT SA’s leading security company but through our network of Community Security Schemes their local on-the-ground knowledge and ability to protect your suburb and neighborhood is second to none.

SA's Leading Security Company

Fidelity ADT is the largest security service provider in South Africa, with more personnel, vehicles and resource than any other security company – Fidelity ADT is ‘Always There’ for you.

Emergency Paramedic Response

Fidelity ADT offers it’s Monitoring and Armed Response customers emergency paramedic response, Fidelity ADT will react to any client’s emergency to treat, stabilize and transport anyone legally on their premises to the nearest medical facility.

Faster Response Times

Live GPS satellite tracking in all vehicles, this provides for a faster response time to an emergency call-out to your premises.

Accredited & Fully Compliant

Fidelity ADT is PSIRA compliant and a full member of SAIDSA and all of our Armed Response officers are licensed and accredited to carry firearms.

armed response at its finest

At the heart of Fidelity ADT’s armed response service are their high-tech Control rooms, which support a national fleet of over 630 armed response vehicles. Their Control rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art digital voice recording equipment that ensures constant communication between Control room staff and patrol officers.

The personnel undergo strict recruitment and selection criteria. This ensures that only the highest caliber  personnel are chosen. Rigorous training is then instituted and maintained on an on-going basis, ensure their personnel are trained in basic medical first aid and capable of dealing with any situation that may arise.

All the Armed Response vehicles are fitted with GPS Live Tracking. The nearest vehicle to alarm activation or emergency call will be auto dispatched ensuring the fastest possible response times. In an emergency, you can be sure that should the need arise for armed response or assistance, Fidelity ADT will be always there. 

The key to an Effective Armed Response Service is their Personnel, Training, Call Centre’s and Vehicles.

Fidelity ADT Auto-vehicle-dispatch

Faster response times to alarm activations and emergency calls

Access for Reaction Officers

Secure Gate

Fidelity ADT is proud to introduce a barrier to criminals to safeguard your property. SecureGate is the one and only smart access to your property, owned and developed by Fidelity ADT. The high-tech access control system enables an officer to enter a property when the owner is unavailable or if the owner is under duress.

Lock Box

The Fidelity ADT lockbox host access keys or remotes for the Reaction Officer to enter the yard. The Lockbox open with a four digit programmable code.

Better safe…